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Machu Picchu & Rainbow Mountain

5 days
  • Cusco City Tour In 5 Hours
  • Enjoy one of the Seven Wonder of the World
  • Savor plates of fine peruvian cuisine
  • Shop vibrant Inca markets for hand-woven blankets
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$ 650.00

Saona Island Full Day – Quiet Tour

1 day
  • Only Tuesdays and Fridays
  • Enjoy eleven hours of a wonderful tour
  • Savor plates of fine dominican cuisine
  • Twenty people maximum at each boat
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$ 70.00

Saona Island Full Day W/Party

1 day
  • Only Wednesdays and Saturdays
  • Enjoy eleven hours of a wonderful tour
  • Savor plates of fine dominican cuisine
  • Music and party in the catamaran
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$ 74.00$ 70.00

Galapagos Islands

5 days
  • Free snorkeling equipment
  • Enjoy one of the largest biological reserve worldwide
  • Savor plates of fine Ecuadorian cuisine
  • Shop vibrant souvenirs
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$ 799.00

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