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Centros del Visitante de Sightseeing Pass y Grayline New York

NYC Visitor Centers page

Inka Way Travel has been working during five years to get you to know the best destinations in South America. Now we offer you a new ticket sales service.

Together with our strategic partners Sightseeing Pass, we want you to enjoy the best attractions of New York! Plan and acquire your tickets with us and get great benefits !!!.

You have 12 months from the date of purchase to activate your Sightseeing Pass – so why not buy it in advance and start planning your trip with our free guide.

Observatories, museums, bus tours, airport transfers and other tourist expenses can accumulate quickly. In addition to all this, it takes countless hours to search, book and manage your trip.

That’s where Inka Way Travel and Sightseeing Pass can help you!

We also provide free advice for your trip to New York. Call us without obligation WhatsApp +18623716161

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NYC Visitor Centers page

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