Start and end of our services:

They start at the time when the customer receives the first service provided by our company and end when the customer receives the last scheduled service (transfer, breakfast or the corresponding service, according to the purchased package).

Inka Way Travel is not responsible for the consequences or circumstances arising from services that are not provided by our company (flight disruptions, loss or damage of luggage on flights, problems at borders/customs or those related to personal documentation, etc.).


The customer may cancel the requested or booked services at any time, whereby they are entitled to a refund for the paid amount, but must compensate the agency, except in cases of force majeure, as per the following: The processing costs plus the cancellation cost, if these have been incurred, once the journey has been confirmed by Inka Way Travel and regardless of the departure date.

Different cancellation conditions apply for some programs (circuits that include train / airplane / cruise) and during particularly difficult dates (fairs, special events, periods involving increased hotel booking difficulties).

The representative operator may, in turn, charge for the processing fees that have accrued in accordance with the provisions of the laws in the country where the sale occurs.


Changes made to a confirmed booking prior to the start of a trip (changes to arrival or departure date, change of tour, etc.) are subject to a penalty equivalent to the processing fees that are listed in the cancellation section.


All passengers must bring their valid documentation (passport, visas, health certificates, etc.), with the problems and disadvantages that may arise from non-compliance with this norm being their full responsibility. The interruption of the services taken out is not considered “Cancellation for force majeure” where the passenger is not carrying the required documentation or in instances where the traveler is denied passage through any border for this reason.

Inka Way Travel cannot undertake any arrangements or make any reimbursement for services that cannot be used in such cases.

Guaranteed departures:

All our tours have guaranteed departures, although in extremely limited cases, it could transpire that All Dream Travel is unable to operate a given departure. In these cases Inka Way Travel will provide the same trip on an earlier or later date than the one chosen or another trip with similar features duration and route.

The price includes:

In each Tour, Inka Way Travel specifies the services included on the trip. As a general rule, a strictly literal approach must be followed that leads to the conclusion that, what is not specifically listed as included in the tour price, is excluded.

Our prices do not include:

In general, any service that is not detailed as being included in the program, contract or information will be provided to the traveler, e.g.: airport taxes, visas, taxes to enter or leave a country, tips, extras in hotels, optional activities, and usually drinks during meals.


In the event of any breach of the contracted services, Inka Way Travel requests that passengers contact us so that we can try to find a quick solution to the problem.

Inka Way Travel